This is so true. Have a plan first, otherwise it's like putting the cart before the horse.

New great quotes to ponder upon

"A goal without work is a dream. Work without a goal is drudgery. Working toward a goal is progress.

GMO - "Natural" doesn't mean non-GMO - BUY ORGANIC!! GMO USA=NO LABELS!!

GMO -- "Natural" doesn't mean non-GMO. Buy organic, non-GMO seeds and food.

Why I love Juice Plus! I highly recommend looking into this product!

Why I started JuicePlus and wanted to start sharing the love. Derek has psoriasis and is not the healthiest eater and I wanted more energy and start getting my health back on track before we get started on a family.

Juice Plus is fruits and vegetables in a capsule.

plain and simple. fruit and vegetables! Even diabetics are recommended to take this product as the sugar,salt and water content is removed. leaving the pure goodness of the fruit and veg!

Lol love this, get involved with Juice Plus!!

Lol love this, get involved with Juice Plus! DM me for further info and become the person you want to be! Its brilliant

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SPASM Marketing Oops Out poking around on FB and I see the advert you see. Some dumb ass spins an old adage, proverb that so very many of us learn at a very young age. This falls in to the cat.

I love Juice Plus+

Love this stuff! Love the "metabolic reprogramming" going on in my body. Love the improved overall health. Love the better skin condition. Love the improved gum health. What's NOT to love about Juice PLUS+?

We are what we eat! I love Juice Plus Complete Transformation...jump start a renewed you in 6 Week Program.

Every 35 days , your skin replaces itself . Your liver,about a month . Your body makes these new cells from the food you eat . What you eat .What you eat literally becomes you .You have a choice in what you're made of .you are what you eat.

Juice Plus For Life!

There is NO Comparison JuicePlus is whole food nutrition in a Capsule 100 percent better than multivitamins.