His tattoo is so fucking badass.

"Find your weaknesses, make friends with them, then beat them to DEATH." ~Chris Spealler Life quote, not just CrossFit

Chris Spealler

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Keith & Kevin Hodge aka Hodgetwins

Although the Twins (Keith and Kevin) may have some unorthodox methods of delivering their information. They have brought Fasting to my attention and have helped my and Loss immensely through their channels.

Johnny Medina - Fighting for Greatness: A CrossFit Story. WATCH THIS

CrossFit in Scottsdale with Urban Warfit Crossfit! A Scottsdale Crossfit gym.

Donny #Shankle sets new PWA clean and jerk record. (208kg) #throwback #holyfuckingfuck

After a rough start on the Snatches, Donny Shankle of California Strength, coached by Glenn Pendlay, comes back to set a new PWA record with a clean an.