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COSMO Recipes

Mouthwatering recipes that every women needs in her life.

Make these tiny appetizers for your party this weekend! Your friends will think you're a master chef.

Soaked chia seeds don't turn into plants, but they do get kind of pudding-y, and they're full of healthy antioxidants! Make a big batch of this stuff, portion it out, and boom, you have a cute jar of goodness to perk you up when you boot up your computer. Get the recipe at Cosmo!

Oatmeal Topped With Walnuts Nuts are hard for your bod to digest because they're so dense. As a result, they stay in your system longer and extend that feeling of fullness for hours. "Pair nuts with a carbohydrate, like a small smear of peanut butter on whole wheat toast," suggests Crandall. "Carbs give you energy and the nuts delay the release of that energy so your blood sugar remains stable." The upshot? You'll be less likely to cave when Ben & Jerry beckon.