Our Mountain way of life ~*Appalachian*~

Tidbits on Appalacian history ~ who we are and where we come from. I grew up in east Ky and live in east TN. These are things I grew up with and what I know
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Welcome Home: Southern "Soup Beans" and Cornbread

Welcome Home: Southern "Soup Beans" and Cornbread


Behold the West Virginia "Slaw Line" ;)

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Blue people of Kentucky

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"Home Funeral" became one of Shelby Lee Adams’ best-known portraits of Appalachian life. Esther Renee Adams, "Mamaw," was laid to rest in her own home. In the mountains of eastern Kentucky, such "country wakes" could last for days.

Shelby Lee Adams Appalachia Picture Man by Mark Orr


The media coverage the case received for nearly two years rivaled that given to the Scopes “monkey trial” of the 1920s. By the end of Edith Maxwell’s ordeal, even Eleanor Roosevelt had gotten involved.

Was it murder? Or a heart attack? - Appalachian History


Grand opening of "Gone with the Wind" at Lee Theater, Pennington Gap, 1947

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Stranger with a Camera | Elizabeth Barret

Stranger With A Camera


Formed the backbone of settlement on the frontier...

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Ok most deff a esst ky old timer thing lol ... 》》》》 Via Southern Belle Magazine...FB

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This was something you used to say, Dad... I miss you.

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How West Virginians *and some others too* see the rest of the Country.

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Appalachian ginseng with seed: A very valued plant that grows in isolated conditions on rich, well-drained soils under an American deciduous hardwood forest. Used as a herbal medicine, typically folks chew the ginseng root. This particular patch was located along a small creek in western North Carolina but was plundered by poachers in 2002.

A Forestry Photographic Gallery - North American Trees


Appalachian Mountains

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The folk speech of Appalachia, instead of being called corrupt, ought to be classified as archaic. Many of the expressions heard throughout the region today can be found in the centuries-old works of some of the greatest English authors: Alfred, Chaucer, Shakespeare, and the men who contributed to the King James version of the Bible, to cite but a few.

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Appalachian Trail - Interactive Guide. Hike details, searchable by state. From Backpacker Magazine

Appalachian Trail | Hiking the Appalachian Trail


Miners Prayer

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Ordovician marine fossils near Maysville, Kentucky. These shells lived in an ancient sea sometime between 440-500 million years ago, before either the Atlantic ocean or Appalachian Mountains existed".

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Natures Doorways



Clogging is the official state dance of Kentucky and North Carolina and was the social dance in the Appalachian Mountains as early as the 18th century.

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In 1967, Canadian filmmaker Hugh O'Connor bled to death on a country road in eastern Kentucky. He was in that part of Appalachia to document its poverty, and, for his efforts, he had been shot through the chest. His killer, Hobart Ison, shot him because resented O'Connor's presence on his property and because of his lingering anger over the way that stereotyped images of Appalachian people "hillbillies" had become icons in America's War on Poverty 100 people showed up to court in Isons def...

John Edwin Mason: Documentary, Motorsports, Photo History: Poor Whites


Roadside cross placed were loved ones passed away from car accidents~This one is pictured in E.KY ~ Letcher Co. ~ Daniel Boone Parkway. Thousands of roadside crosses line the highways and back roads. From my experience I only know this tradition being done in EKY

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Storytelling Center of the Southern Appalachians - An organization that is dedicated to the preservation of the history of the Southern Appalachians through the art of storytelling and the making of crafts. We bring the history of the Southern Appalachians to life.

Psalms of the South Preservation Society, Ltd.


Hyden, KY --- The Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing is a private, non-profit, community based distance education graduate school offering both Masters and Doctorate degrees in Nursing. Established since 1939. Listed with National Register of Historic Places.

Leslie County Kentucky - Historical


Corn shuck doll from the Appalachian Home Store ~ memories of the past ~ The variety of crafts produced within the Appalachian region of Eastern Kentucky is a delight for visitors and local residents.

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