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ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other: Extra Sparkly

If the world will not except my mind then I will share it with the few who do, the fee who are unnoticed or teased, because we tend to have the most vibrant minds, the ones that dream up of places beyond anyone's imagination, that's why we stick together


The Girl With The Curl

And believe will JUST's as if you were souls separated at birth...most incredible experience I've ever had. And I feel truly blessed to have had the random opportunity to know for the first time in my life what "real" love feels like.

Couples Corner: Words of Love - Bajan Wed

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The Mountains Are Calling and I Must Go — Mountain Art Print — 8x10 or 11x14

Australian Alps - on a mostly dry and flat continent, nothing says challenge like the snow-clad and mountainous Australian Alps. The Alps span New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and Victoria and embraces 16 national parks and reserves.

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Love it here by the ocean.. truly amazing!! But I wouldn't give up my county Ohio living for anything! If I did live NEAR the ocean, I sure would have visited more than a few hours in half a year!!

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Fandoms = my life. Main fandoms are Harry Potter, Disney, Middle Earth! But I like so many franchises, TV shows, movies, books and celebs :) Music: Ariana, Justin, Taylor, EXO, Troye, Years & Years. Please feel free to fangirl with me :)


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The Road to My Heart is Paved With Paw Prints (Gray) Art Print

Rescue Road Warriors are committed to a world where animals are treated with dignity and respect. We look forward to a future where puppy mills are abolished and animal control is obsolete. We make that change happen, one animal at a time.

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It was crafted by Henry Stanley Haskins, a Wall Street trader. The phrase "was misattributed because the assignment of the maxim to a more prestigious individual, e.g., Emerson or Thoreau made it more attractive and more believable as a nugget of wisdom."

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