"YEAH IF YOU COULD GIVE US HIS PHONE NUMBER THAT'D BE COO." Words uttered by my friend when showing her this picture.

Oh cousin Matt.We need to find this man.We're off on an adventure!

This is too freakin' cute!!! 1314 means forever in Chinese!

I love how they're wearing Vancouver Canucks jerseys and people are like wow the numbers and spacey stuff coincidence

What Jared and Jensen would do if they were each other.

What Jared and Jensen would do if they were each other. I love that the first thing Jensen would do is cut his hair <---- That's 'cause Jared's hair is freaking ridiculous. He looked so much cuter when it was short.

Supernatural ~ Sam & Dean

Best supernatural pic ever! Little dean/big dean and little sam/big sam! (Jared Padalecki, Colin Ford, Jensen Ackles and Ridge Canipe)

supernatural, sabriel, destiel, lucifer: that is beautiful and so accurate.

Misha saying H...

(H)i, I'm Misha Collins -- on the adorable quirk of his mouth on the letter H :)<<I've never noticed this. SO.----------- God damn it Misha, your freaking How in Hell are you so adorable?


the development of a real hunter! From "oh my, I am so excited!" Over the first movie references and weird idioms to "womanizer" to finally "don't worry guys, I've got him.