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    Cricut Craft Room Help

    Cricut Craft Room Help

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    Cricut Craft Room Layers Video

    Obsessed with Scrapbooking: Cricut Craft Room Layers Video
    • Tiny A Stark
      Tiny A Stark

      Hi..I have had a refurbished cricut expressions for over a year..NO MATTER WHAT I DO, WHAT SETTINGS ETC. IT CONTINUES TO TEAR MY PAPER. I've cleaned it, changed blades, have a book but it doesn't help. Could there be something wrong with the machine? It has done this since I got it. HELP!


      Tiny have you called Cricut? I have never called them personally but I hear they are very helpful.

    • Laura Edith Flores Aguilar
      Laura Edith Flores Aguilar

      I can´t use it with mac

    • Doreen Archbold
      Doreen Archbold

      Great prices at

    • Wendy Hine
      Wendy Hine

      I heard if you use a different brand paper it will not tear.

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    Lite- Cricut® Lite - This filter displays Cricut® Lite cartridges. These cartridges contain fewer images, are more affordable.

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    • Loretta Hite
      Loretta Hite

      I've found good prices for cricut cartridges on Ebay too!

    • Cindy Miller
      Cindy Miller has good deals on the cartridges also.

    • Donna Lane
      Donna Lane

      don't forget ebay! lots of good deals and combined shipping or sometimes free shipping :)

    • Jean George
      Jean George

      check out hsn that's were I got mine

    • Cindy Miller
      Cindy Miller

      Cricut now offers access to almost all their cartridges for $99 a year.

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    Filters-- In the Images/Cartridges drawer, you can explore and view images contained in each Cricut® cartridge. A Cricut® cartridge is a collection of images. These cartridges can be filtered or sorted in multiple ways. Using the filters will help you find the right cartridges faster.

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    • Sheryl Stanley
      Sheryl Stanley

      I feel like I am missin information. Are you talking about the design center? Is there a starting spot for this post?

    Basics- When a cartridge is selected in the Images/Cartridges drawer, you may notice extra folders just above the image thumbnails. These folders—also known as Creative Features—contain additional images available on the cartridge. The first folder—called Basic—contains the basic images for the selected cartridge. These images are also known as the base images. The number of additional folders will vary from cartridge to cartridge, and each of the folders will be named differently at the top.

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    • Suzie Reitz
      Suzie Reitz

      Does this work on the Cricut Expressions or just the Cricut Expressions 2?

    • Robin Maggin
      Robin Maggin

      will work on any Cricut Machine, including the Imagine

    • Sheree Brogan
      Sheree Brogan

      Keep giving helpful hints. I don't really understand how to do things on it. I have a gypsy and trying to figure out if I need to try this too. It is downloaded on my computer but that's about it.

    • Lynn Burton
      Lynn Burton

      How do I do the word search I see the words but can't select them???

    • Denise Brannan Jonhston
      Denise Brannan Jonhston

      can it be used with cricut create?

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    Learn More About Cricut Craft Room! Complete the Word Find-- either all today or one word every day-- we'll be sharing what each of these words mean to Cricut Craft Room-- and you'll hopefully have some fun along the way of learning a bit more about this FREE software that makes your Cricut creations endless!

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    • Alita Hebert
      Alita Hebert

      I wish they would link the gypsy to the craft room. I linked all my cartridges to the gypsy so I can't use the craftroom very much...

    • Mimi Oka
      Mimi Oka

      Found them all, it't fun!!

    • Phillis Cothren
      Phillis Cothren

      Agree with Alita. So did I. Understand linking gypsy to craft room is coming. Hope it is Soon.

    • Charlotte Boardman
      Charlotte Boardman

      Found this to be fun but not as much as my cricuit

    • d s
      d s

      does craft room work with the expression 2? I just subscribed and I can't send an image to my cricut.

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