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Attack on Titan

The Levi one :'(<<< Levi's a saint (if ever there was such a thing) I even emailed my friend, who only just started watching AOT and told her about Levi not being an asshole.

But not just you. Me, Annie, Bertholt, and Ymir, too. But you don't know that yet.

This gif looks like reiner’s doing some sort of magic trick behind him. How eren really got his titan powers. "Abracadabra doo, the titan here is you.


Not to offend people who like yaoi. (By the way, I think yaoi is just hentai guy x guy. Please correct me if I'm wrong.) I'm a Yankees and I love YAOI

Seems legit... <---She's a fairy that can get rid of allll the people who want you dead. Wanna know how she does it?

Yuno: I see you sweetie! warning: when you see a girl with pink hair and she always use a phone, it's probability a good thing to run before some s*** hits the fences ~Mirai Nikki