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Maddie Ziegler and Chloe Lukasiak bff <3

Mads and brooke

We grow apart but never too far

  • Leah Pensa

    Hey sorry to bother you but can you make me an edit for a DM fanfic? It's like a crossover of DM and Criminal Minds and Chloe, Paige and Maddie are basically the main characters...

  • Dance Moms Fan Page

    Sure! What you want in it?

  • Leah Pensa

    I don't really want anything happy soo anything non-happy you can come up with is and i should probably tell you the name lol it's "Why Us?"

  • Dance Moms Fan Page

    ok so if i make a dark edit with chloe maddie and paige with a text why us, is that okay?

  • Leah Pensa

    Yes thank you!!

The girls when shooting the season 4 headshots/reunion!

It wasn't word by word like this but this moment were such a sad, but not in that way that you wanna cry but in some other way and I can't tell that but I can feel it

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my babies are hurt and it’s not fair. poor chloe and maddie! ... And don't even think about hating on any of them because the latest episode... It's not their fault!!

  • M Mck

    Is there a youtube video showing what happened if so what is it called

  • Nina A.

    @M Mck There is a video by DanceMomsLover17 called," Melissa Asks Maddie if she Lied about the Duet". Hope its what you're asking for!!

  • M Mck

    Thank you

  • Nina A.

    Your welcome!

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this makes me sad after last night’s episode …. I know they will be friends again but it just broke my heart

Chloe and maddie! Cutest pic ever ♥

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My favorite picture from this weekend

Sweetest girls ever!

maddie, kenzie and chloe

Reindeer chloe and maddie

love this one♥ maddie and chloe

lol maddie XD

it makes me sick that there is so much hate with the whole maddie and chloe thing that maddie had to say this. all the girls are best friends and love each other. so people need to stop saying mean things to all the girls

Chloe L. Maddie and Chloe N.

chloe and maddie