Daisy Girl Scout Financial Literacy Leaves

Ideas for earning the Daisy Girl Scout Money Counts leaf and the Daisy Girl Scout Making Choices leaf.
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Tons of Daisy Girl Scout Ideas, crafts, journeys, swaps free printables and more! http://www.makingfriends.com/scouts/Daisy.htm

money song ...I printed this out to go along with one of our leaf lessons earning badge.

Download complete requirements for all levels of girls scout badges.

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Help to earn all four Daisy Leaf Awards from MakingFriends.com.

Daisy Leaves Packette from MakingFriends.com. One kit to help you earn the four Daisy Leaf Awards.

Financial Responsibility

Color by coin -- fun for Daisies earning their Money Counts leaf.

"Coin War" Money Game makes learning about money fun.

coin worksheets for visual learners

Free download. Little booklet for each coin.

Ideas for money earning with your Girl Scout troop from MakingFriends.com

Label money jars to teach kids about giving, saving and spending money.

Make a Milk Jug Piggy Bank to show that you can use inexpensive recycled materials to create a bank to save your pennies. Demonstrate how pennies turn into nickles which turn into quarters and then into dollars. Don't waste a single penny, it is the beginning of a dollar. Lots more recycled crafts at freekidscrafts.com.

daisy scout financial literacy badge - Bing Images

Daisy Making Choices Badge Certificate

Daisy Money Counts Badge Certificate

A neat visual to help with teaching money.