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big balloon number in the front yard for kids to teens, even mile-stone adult b-days - this is too cool!

Cute wizard of oz party idea. This will definitely happen if I ever have a girl!

Gracie is SOOO gonna have a wizard of oz party when she is older! Ruby red slippers from a Wizard of Oz party.

lots of great ideas, including cake pops (stop me if I try to make those!!), shark tooth candy necklaces, so TOTALLY getting those, if it is indeed a shark party, and more.  shark birthday party ideas

It’s Shark Week! And what’s better than Shark Week. Celebrating Shark Week with Shark fin cupcakes. My wife made Shark Fin cupcakes, dellllllicious! To learn how to make your own Shark Week cupcakes visit a dash of that.

minnie mouse birthday party ideas - Google Search

Papadakos Papadakos - DAiSYS & dots Temby minnie mouse birthday Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas We Heart It --- another Minnie cupcake idea

D.I.Y. Ice Bottle fun for a party!!!  Can use for booze or sparkling cider!

D.I.Y. Ice Bottle Cooler

diy ice bottle cooler ~ if you fill the bottom of a 2 lt. with water and freeze first, then add foil on top, add beverage bottle and then fruit and more water you will have a flat bottom rather than a bottle bottom as shown in this picture.

Belle Birthday Idea

Be Our Guest!!!

Tons of great and beautiful ideas for a Belle Birthday Party. maybe Nevaeh will want a Belle party next year!

Birthday Ideas

Wendy from Wendy Updegraff Photography created the SWEETEST UP-themed birthday party for her daughter's birthday! The party was an "outdoor movie night" an

Cowgirl Birthday Idea

Best Kids Parties: Vintage Cowgirl