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Please help her wish come true please im begging of you share it please! #cleftstrong

He name is Ciara and she's a with a terrier 5 cleft and amniotic band syndrome, and her dream is for Daryl from The Walking Dead to shoot her in the head with a crossbow.

Makeup - level underage drinking.

Silly Likes - Makeup Level: Underage Drinking (Holy Crap. That's scary, awesome, and wrong all at the same time!

OMG are you kidding me? Barbie didn't listen to the grumpy old nurse at the clinic..." are we serious here?

This is beyond awful. I cannot believe they are promoting teen pregnancy to little kids. And we wonder why there is a teen pregnancy problem

Haha! This should be our updated version of this song! We got some old memories to this song @JennaKMoore

Funny pictures about Rejection-proof pick up line. Oh, and cool pics about Rejection-proof pick up line. Also, Rejection-proof pick up line.

They just need 'Crossfit Crazy Barbie', 'Selfie Barbie,' and 'Sorostitute Barbie' and they'd be good to go!

Finally a realistic barbie doll. Haha nutella and realistic clothes and hair. Ok so I put this under life of a teen because we teens sit at home, eating nutella, in drab clothes with our hair just down and plain

20 Hilarious Pictures That Prove Kids are Weirder Than You Think 20 -

7 More Pictures That Prove Kids Are Weird.I laughed so hard! Except for the tarantula one, that's creepy!

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Web series "The Most Popular Girls In School" melds Barbies with characters that could exist in Mean Girls and Bring It On and if you haven't yet watched it, do so now.