Santa hat cupcakes. How simple and cute!

Stick a toothpick through a strawberry and mini marshmallow. the toothpick into a U-Bake cupcake (marshmallow facing up). Spread Cool Whip (or spray Redi-whip) around bottom of strawberry. Enjoy your Santa Hat Cupcake

aahh! Cute!!

Snowball Fight in a Bucket

Indoor snowball fight // love it! This would make a fun gift. This site is full of fun gift ideas! This would be cute as an Arizona snow ball fight

Christmas Tree

25 Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas - Christmas Decorating - I'm loving the striped ribbon

My tree next year. Going to start looking fot ornaments !!!! :)

Best Christmas decoration ever…

The Grinch Christmas tree. Stuff green tights full of pillow stuffing and shove him in your tree . I LOVE this! Too funny!


Christmas Tree - Red White black top hat, beads, white peacock feathers (spray with snow) = Pretty Next year perhaps

Personalized Unity Sand Ceremony Shadow Box Set. Ooh this is so cute I want it for my sand ceremony

Purple and blue sand Personalized Unity Sand Ceremony Shadow Box Set. Ooh this is so cute I want it for my sand ceremony

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...

Rainbow Color Blocked White Tree with bright, colored balls. a really Awesome way to put some color on a frosted tree!

My favorite movie.......and my favorite quote!!!! Get ready people!

It is not the holiday season until you watch Christmas vacation. My family quotes this movie year round. Sadly we are a lot like the Griswalds in many ways lol. Tis the season to be Mary.

Snowman tree

So cute snowman tree.would be cute outside. Find a shorter one and buy after holidays when they are on sale, put on front porch :)

Lantern from Lowes   For $1.50 - fill with christmas ornaments, or other items

Lantern filled with Christmas ornaments! OR~ fill the lanterns with autumn decor (leaves, twigs pinecones) OR~ fill the lanterns with Easter eggs, or spring decor. Buying a few of these lanterns can be part of almost every holiday's decor! Lots of uses!

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