Amy Judd.

Amy Judd's Paintings | Trendland

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for the logo we could play with depth and have the logo appear to pop out of the backgroud

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Amazing art


.your mind is sometimes your most dangerous enemy...people don't seem to always understand that sometimes there's no cure either...and that's dangerous.

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Amazing drawings!

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Drawing curly hair! Most common question I received during our portrait projects.

How to Draw Curly Hair in 5 Steps -

Piña Print - Yellow | The Aestate Love Pineapples. Fun print!

Piña Print - Yellow | The Aestate

I love drawing on grey paper to make the white stand out

Pencil Portraits by Rebecca Blair | Cruzine

Copy Paper Challenge Pieces by Danny O’Connor ... | The Only Magic Left is Art

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Lucy Evans

SerialThriller™ — Lucy Evans

sooo coool! lets make it @nettekins

Song Lyric Wall Art / D.I.Y. Project - A Beautiful Mess

Gorgeous watercolor rose tattoo. Itd be a fun detail to incorporate into an even bigger tattoo.

Victor Octaviano

beautiful horror photography | Nathalia Suellen Digital Artist | The Dark Fantasy Art of Nathalia ...

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tumblr drawings hipster - this is an artsy day of the dead thing..

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Drawing of Ariel's voice being taken away. Amazing. "My heart sings louder than my voice ever could"

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watercolor floral wreath // shannon kirsten

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10 awesome relaxing and stress relieving colouring books for grown ups

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This is so me. I would very likely be found doodling and painting on the walls of my room at some point. Like the Barbie at the end of Toy Story 2... "You'll like Janie- she's an ARTIST!!" Lol

alisaburke: go BIG- tips and tricks for painting large

Human watercolor portraits

The Human Water Color Portrait [8 Pics] | I Am Bored


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