David Bowie - Because there's something alien in all of him and because he's a shape-shifting genius.

love-a-lad-insane: “ David Bowie 1971 Photoshoot for Hunky Dory album cover ”

David Bowie window shirt, 1971, from Brian Ward sessions for the cover of Hunky Dory.

David Bowie window shirt, from Brian Ward sessions for the cover of Hunky Dory.” ― ᴅᴀᴠɪᴅ ʙᴏᴡɪᴇ ღ David Robert Jones ❥ January 1947 ― 10 January ★

No comprendo, tanto glamour, y con sólo una polera de Jack Daniel's. Por eso me encanta #LDR

I do not understand, so glamorous, and with only a shirt of Jack Daniel's. Why I Love - LDR

Outtakes of Lana Del Rey for FASHION Magazine.

Lana Del Rey for Fashion Magazine 2015

If you were born in 1991 and aren't still in love with Gerard Way, what is wrong with you?!?

He looks so hurt in the third picture it makes me wanna cry<<< ikr like he's probably acting, but it still hurts to look at.

Such a babe

Ville Valo - HIM - Lead of the greatest songwriters/musicians and most people dont even know who he is Finland

Robert Smith

A woman of very slight importance

The Kills’ Alison Mosshart for Eddie Borgo jewelry via

Alison Mosshart - Eddie Borgo’s fall/winter campaign

Robert smith, the cure 1981.

Robert Smith, The Cure 1981

Shopping mode: David Bowie à l'honneur exposition David Bowie is Philharmonie de Paris

Museum Of Contemporary Art, Chicago David Bowie Sixty stage costumes. Striped bodysuit for the Aladdin Sane tour, Design: Kansai Yamamoto. From the exhibit “David Bowie Is,” through January // Empress of Style

Ville valo

1991 - 2017 I love HIM because they have Ville Valo, Mige Amour, Linde Lindström, Emerson Burton and Jukka Kosmo Kröger.

Ville Valo =♥

myheaventonight: “ Ville reading a Poe book that was given to him by a fan.

Ville Valo. ♥♥♥. #ville valo #HIM

Smoke obscuring the face, so as to hide their emotions which would otherwise be evident through their facial expressions.

Ville Valo #VilleValo #HIM

Ville Valo #VilleValo #HIM

Morning Coffee

Style Crush: Alison Mosshart of The Kills - Fashion Grunge

Lana Del Rey for L'Uomo Vogue #LDR

It's innocence lost