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Go Science Girls

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Fun science and STEM for kids! All the activities from the blog Go Science Girls (, with lots of fun hands on ideas that you can try at home.

Autumn STEAM: tracing the veins of a leaf

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What is the Scientific Method

The 6 steps of the scientific method

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Why STEM for Girls is so important

What is STEM for Girls And why does it matter (Encouraging girls against stereotypes, in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).jpg

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How to make the best Crystal Snowflakes

What’s the best way to make Borax crystal snowflakes? We compared four techniques, making this a fun craft and classic winter science experiment for kids. They also look great as Christmas decorations!

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Crystal Candy Canes - fun Christmas science project

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Crystal Christmas Tree Ornaments

DIY cystal Christmas tree ornaments - Christmas science craft project for kids

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DIY Pulley for the loungeroom stairs

Make a DIY Loungeroom Pulley - fun way for kids to learn about physics and science through play

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Christmas Tree Bubble Wand {& bubble physics

DIY Christmas tree bubble wands, and learn about bubble physics through play. Fun Christmas science / Christmas STEM activity for kids for the holidays.

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The Science of Making Butter

Making butter from cream as an easy hands-on food science lesson for kids - because chemistry is so much more fun when you get to eat it afterwards!

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Make a 'snowy' salt crystal tree ornament

Make a snowy fir tree with salt crystals - fun winter or Christmas science project for kids.

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