Skull Art by Xrista Stavrou (2013) I want this in my house!!!

No crown, one rose; watercolor skull and solid color rose. I'm debating if the skull would have color, and the rose be black, or the skull be b&w and the rose be color.

Para decorar la pizarra . Cada estudiante puede pintar una tira. Awesome…

Sibling tattoo, 4 skulls because there was 4 of us.our last name in banner and bday month flowers.☆ 4 Skulls Tattoo :¦: By ☆

Japanese Artist Carves Pearls Into Skull Jewelry | Architecture & Design

Japanese Artist Carves Pearls Into Skull Jewelry

Tokyo-based jewelry designer, Shinji Nakaba, creates these delicate-looking skull rings and skull brooches. Artist carves pearls into teeny-tiny skull jewelry

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I don't mind the skull in this one at all! Love this idea for a thigh tattoo

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