Darinka Santamaria Huante

Darinka Santamaria Huante

Darinka Santamaria Huante
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Ay que hermosos

Just think about it: Why Chat is so intrestet in impressing Marinette, and Adrian not? <<He has more confidence (and pride) as chat so I'm guessing he just wants to impress anyone if he gets the chance?

Ladynoir                                                                                           Más

I'm ladybug trash — frozenmusings: My first real ML fanart Plus two.<-- I love this so much for some reason

Miraculous ladybug | Tumblr

Hogwarts AU, in which Marinette's patronus is obviously a ladybug Though she gets teased by Chloe for having a "disgusting insect" as a patronus I'm rea.

Part 9. Final

Patronus Part 9 by TheBirdFromTheMoon-Art - it's like someone drew me 😄

Ravenclaw Mascot and Scarf

I've always wondered why the mascot for Ravenclaw is an eagle instead of a raven. Wouldn't a raven make more sense?