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A bracelet recovered from the Titanic - Photos - Titanic artifacts

A pocket watch displaying the time ten minutes to two, which was recovered from the body of Titanic steward Sidney Sedunary, is displayed at the museum's Titanic exhibition on April 3, 2012 in Southampton, England.


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St. Patrick's Day Postcard From Titanic

Titanic Debris Field | Dragon-handled vase. It is from the first class lounge.

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Pawnbroker handed relics from the Titanic worth £1.2million in a carri

Pawnbroker pays £15,000 for bunch of Titanic 'relics' handed over in an old plastic bag... and finds they're worth £1.2million. Mark Manning, 50, bought the collection for £15,000. Artifacts include an inherited piece of ship's wooden staircase and fragment of steel hull. Anonymous collector passed relics on to allow other people the chance to admire them. Among the artefacts is a fragment of the ship's hull and a piece of wood taken from its grand staircase

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Titanic Grand Staircase Cherub Underwater! The real reason the Titanic sank, weeping Angels

Titanic grand staircase - Flooding, Wreck, Pictures, Model

Comes from the arch over the forward entrance to the First Class lounge, the area where RMS Titanic broke in half before plunging to the bottom, hence the broken edges. Contains carvings of musical instruments and scroll in the Louis XV style used for the lounge. Comparisons with surviving panelling from Titanic's sister ship,Olympic, shows that carvers were given a design outline, but were allowed to follow their own imagination in the details, making each carving a unique piece of…

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