Fabric Color Cables

www.creative-cables.gr. Fabric Color Cables for pendant lights and table lamps. DIY lighting.
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Vintage Copper Lampholder! Ideal for vintage and linear lamps. DIY! Creative cables. www.creative-cables.gr

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RD74 Fabric Cotton cables! Anthracite and natural linen fabric. Try it now. Be creative. http://www.creative-cables.gr/8-faber-cables#/_fabric-_cotton

RD61 |lorenge| Fabric cable covered by pink cotton and natural linen fabric! DIY lamps. http://www.creative-cables.gr/-/6930-round-electric-fabric-cable-for-lamps-decoration-lozenge-rd61-in-coarse-linen-and-ancient-pink-cotton.html

RC63 Round Fabric Cable covered by Grey-Green Cotton! Suitable for lamps! DIY projects http://www.creative-cables.gr/-/8681--rc63.html

Color Cable Naural Linen and Ancint pink cotton!

#RC01 Round cable covered by white cotton suitable for electrical use! http://www.creative-cables.gr/-/8676--rc01.html

RD72 Fabric Cotton & linen Green and grey Cable for Electrical USE as creating lamp projects. #DIY , #Becreative, Creative Cables GR http://www.creative-cables.gr/-/6933-round-electric-fabric-cable-for-lamps-decoration-zigzag-rd72-in-coarse-linen-and-green-thyme-cotton.html

RD53|stripes| brown cotton and natural linen cable! Fabric cable for lamps use. DIY. Be creative with Creative-cables GR. http://www.creative-cables.gr/-/6923-round-electric-fabric-cable-for-lamps-decoration-stripes-rd53-in-coarse-linen-and-brown-bark-cotton.html @Thessaloniki Greece

Cylinder Copper Rosette with 7 holes suitable for fabric cables! Play with colors. www.creative-cables.gr

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