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Web Inspirations-Creativity-Courage-Consciousness Images to connect with the soul inside the groove. Inspiration for Underfoot Records
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Herbal Health Care: how to treat calluses,corns and bones spurs in Feet

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Teddy Bear Paws This made me smile and laugh!

clockwork boots

- Women's Hades Oxford Brown - This custom steampunk metallic plated heel features a butterfly logo and gears, custom adjustable side buckles, front laces, and an inner zipper.

So wrong in so many ways

(Horse Heels by Iris Schieferstein) weirdest thing ive ever seen.would never get them.just had to save this to show people how weird it is.i cant stop looking at them lol

gross man feet but cool placement and tattoo

Man feet but cool placement and tattoo

Steampunk Shoes!!!! YES!!!

nicholas kirkwood - alice in wonderland heels

the underfoot way to 6 foot under

Shirin Neshat, Women of Allah Via the Metropolitan Museum of Art: “ This photograph forms part of Neshat’s Women of Allah series, created between 1993 and 1997 after the artist’s first trip to Iran.


"Talent is luck. The important thing in life is courage" - Woody Allen, Manhattan.

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surrealism: “ Easter Sunday Dalí: The Ascention of Christ, Oil on canvas. From dali-gallery: “ Dalí said that his inspiration for The Ascension of Christ came from a “cosmic dream” that he had.


splash of colour