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The only issue is the princes are the sons of the previous princes, who should have been married to the coinciding princesses, & they would have been their moms, but nope.

Ever After High, Parents and children. Ashlynn looks SO much like her mom!

Ever After High OC : Katka Whitella by on @deviantART

We ALL know this is NOT true and that Apple White is the daugter of Snow White.

Way Too Wonderland (TV special) - Ever After High Wiki

"Do You Wonder" is a song from the TV special, "Way Too Wonderland".

[EVER AFTER HIGH] Angelique Reaperess

[EVER AFTER HIGH] Angelique Reaperess doesn't look like the goddaughter of death

ever after high as ponys | Manga & Anime / Digital Media / Drawings ©2013 ~ kiokukika

Ever After High Evangeline Swan Daughter of Eliza from The Wild Swans Royal Doll

Paige Boots Ever After High Card by on @DeviantArt

Paige Boots Ever After High Card