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Meat and Cheese as Bad as Smoking

Research shows that a low-protein diet in middle age is useful for preventing cancer and overall mortality.

Researchers Emphasize on Postnatal Mental Health Care

How to Get Housework Done With a Newborn Baby: 7 tips for tackling chores! My fav designating a basket and putting things in it all day then at end of day put it Newborn baby baby

Common Exercise Myths Among Women, Busted

Common Exercise Myths Among Women, Busted

Luteolin in Vegetables Likely to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Hormone replacement therapy is used to counter the effects of menopause, which can lead to breast cancer say scientists.

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Inactive Lifestyle and Obesity Weakens Arterial Health

Inactive Lifestyle and Obesity Weakens Arterial Health: Study

Active Women Have a Reduced Risk of Heart Disease, Blood Clots and Stroke

Findings have revealed that women who are physically active a few times a week have a reduced risk of heart disease, blood clots and even stroke as opposed to inactive women.