Back to School Portrait. Use my template and have students declare their goals for the year. Art Projects for Kids.

Back to School art idea Art Projects for Kids: grade. This looks like a great first week project!

Mrs. Robinson's Classroom Blog: Meaningful First Week Activities

Beginning of year activity. Six Classroom Questions to start off the school year!

Stone Soup - A Literature Unit product from In-That-Room on

This is MY FAVORITE UNIT of the entire school year! I love this folktale and the many versions it is told in. This unit includes: A Stone Soup Flipbook Foldable Reading Response Logs Venn Diagram to compare different versions of the story "Soup"er

Stone Soup!

Stone Soup! (Teach-A-Roo)

Comparing and Contrasting Two Versions of Stone Soup Anchor Chart

What Does the "Text" Say?  Text Evidence Reading Response Printables

What Does the "Text" Say?

What Does the "Text" Say? Text Evidence Reading Response Printables- Adapt to a bulletin board - What do the text "really" say?

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