Dilshad Davood

Dilshad Davood

About Me? I would like keep it as a secret! Knowing about me will not do any good to you
Dilshad Davood
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"And I’m not sure what that “something” is, but it’s out there, I know it! And nobody tell me otherwise."

I feel like we're all just aimless nomads in a perpetual, never-ending search for something great magnificent ~Jenny Yu

A wonderful combo of thoughtful musings and color wheel

Write each kid's name. A fun combo of thoughtful musings and color wheel. You could write inspiring words from each child as a collaborative art project for auction.

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drawing eyes quotes creepy Sketch monster ghost Stephen King pencil drawing <-- black eyes like demons in Supernatural!

Wreck this journal write or draw with your left hand | Donna O'Donnell Figurski's Blog

Right Brain, Left Brain good assingment to for drawing at the beginning of the year. I am right handed so the majority side that I rely on is the left side of the brain. I finally understand why I am boring lol