Movies I Love II

I'm a filmmaker so I thought movies would be a good place to start with my new board. These are just a few of the films that I carry with me - some for their artistry, some for their story-telling and some because they rocked my world. Great thanks to the filmmakers who created them.
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This movie scared the pants off me. I was doing research recently for a little horror film I want to make and I rewatched it and was surprised. There's no real blood, no gore. The fear came purely from Kubrick's ability to create suspense. Masterful. Okay and Jack helped.

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This film was one of those journeys, that when you got to the end you had to sit there a minute and realize what you just experienced. It was also incredibly gorgeous, with some really wonderful imagery. And it had Kevin Spacey who I just LOVE watching work...or should I saw LOVE watching being...

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An all time classic, never gets old. Tho in HD the special effects lose some of their mystery, so I recommend sticking with the old school scratchy film version.

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I don't, as a rule, like "drug" movies. Funny, I know, considering I just made a movie about addiction. But "High Art" is an exception because it wasn't so much about the drug, but the impact of that drug on the lives that it touches. Wonderfully told story, with a phenomenal performance by the always fabulous Patricia Clarkson.

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Some movies you love because of the memories. I snuck out of the house at 16 to drink beer & go to a weird movie where you throw things and squirt water and cover your head with newspaper. We used fake id's ("yes sir, my name is Connie Chung and I am 25, just like the license says,") and we felt like rebels. And free of boundaries, even if just for a brief moment. It wasn't long before I headed to New York to do my own Time Warp Dance.

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I saw Half Nelson at Sundance and when I left the theater, I thought to myself, "Self. This is what independent filmmaking is all about. This film gives you a benchmark to reach for - something to strive to be as good as. Hopefully, with my film "Meth Head," I have achieved some level of the truthfulness and passion this film had.

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I loved the silliness of the film - the sweet naivete of the characters, the you can do anything message - or as gaga would say, "we're all superstars." The film just had a big embracing heart. And it really made me laugh.

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Forgive me, and indulge me, but my own movie, METH HEAD, is definitely a favorite. You'll have t see it yourself to tell me if it ranks, because I am blinded by the honor of the experience of making it.

I was so not interested when this first came out. Watched it on a plane by default. Beautiful, delicately explored, heart stirring. With a touch of Disney for whimsy. Highly recommend.

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