Cécile Monet

Cécile Monet

République française. / Je suis Cécile. Vous pouvez m'appeler Vaas.
Cécile Monet
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As a dancer this word means a lot to me as its bad luck to wish a dancer to "break a leg" and it's always bad to say "good luck" we say Merde to each other :D

Window in Ireland

Morning delivery in Ireland a bottle of milk and a bottle of Guiness. That's what makes Irish Eyes to smile.

Jeanne Opgenhaffen

Jeanne Opgenhaffen via of paper and things I love these ceramic tile murals by Belgian artist Jeanne Opgenhaffen, they are inspiri.

Living Responsibly - Samso, the Danish island where the residents have completely eradicated its carbon footprint by using wind power.