A sweet bunny-loving dog

it's my birthday, and i give to you a photo of supreme aww.

This kid is cool.

Cute summer outfit for a little girl. Little girl fashion. Little girl style.


Make an "I Am Loved" tee by The DIY Mommy - "I am Kind. I am Smart. I am Important." I am doing this for my big girl :-)

this is amazing

I bought a bear suit! I'm gonna need a picture like this! Daddy kissing baby in a bear suit.

Dear future baby, you're gonna wear a floppy hat at some point.

i'm a sucker for 2 things: big hats and babies. Big hats for Easter brunch?

Glow Stick Bath

Glowsticks in the bathtub. That's So Cuegly: 75 Kid {approved} Activities

If they made this in my size I would most def wear it.

bathing suit cuteness, omg so cute! If I ever have a little girl she will not wear a 2 piece until she is like a teenager, I think it's so gross when people put their kids in bikinis when they are babies and toddlers; so young!