Dóra Kiss-Horváth

Dóra Kiss-Horváth

Dóra Kiss-Horváth
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The way his face falls when no ones amused by his jokes, but we laugh anyway, 'cause nobody wants to see a frown on his beautiful face.

Harry looks so good

This boy has wayyyy better hair than a lot of girls and I put together.

What if I told you girls that I am actually Harry Styles and I see all your pins? What would you say? What would you do?

This has to be Harry's best photo shoot EVER! >> um every harry photoshoot is the best one!

Smile, look down, eye flutter, arms...... this whole thing kills me!!!

Smile, look down, eye flutter, arms. this whole thing kills me!

He is beautiful to the 10th power.

Happy birthday to the one and only Harry Styles. I love you so much. You have inspired people and helped people in ways that you don't even know. Thank you so much for just being yourself. Have an amazing birthday!