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Period Products

Stuff for that time of the month.

Period Products

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Pretty in Pink for Your Period! Intimate Portal Women's Valerie Leak Proof Low Rise Sanitary Panty Pink Large

Tampon Run - Hopefully one day menstruation will be as normal if not more so, than guns and violence have become in our society.

'What's Normal?' bookmarks from Dot Girl Products. FREE to schools and non profits. Teach girls about their periods!

Pamper yourself each month with a delivery from BiziBubble - Feminine Products & More, Delivered To Your Door

BiziBubble - Feminine Products & More, Delivered To Your Door

One of our favorite places - The Period Store: Let's get down to lady business.. Shop online for feminine hygiene products. Tampons, pads, liners, sponges, cups, chocolate and art deliver...

The Period Store • Monthly delivery of tampons, pads, and more

The Dot Girl First Period Kit, a fun (yes, it can be done), informative, stylish and straightforward tool to introduce girls to their first period (and make it easier for parents to deal with this necessary conversation and transition in a girl’s life). Making periods less scary is our company goal and The Dot Girl First Period Kit is helping families across the country make that happen.

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  • ashley

    great idea!

On the Dot Perfect Spot - What a pretty way to store tampons and pads!

What a great storage idea for pads and tampons. On the Dot should be in every bathroom.

On The Dot – The Perfect Spot

Free Dot Girl First Period Kits for you and your group:

Would you wear this?

The First Flow Set from Dot Girl and Dear Kate - slip a period pack into her backpack for Back to School!

Recycle Your Cycle! Choose reusable menstrual products like cloth pads or menstrual cups for a healthier, more eco-friendly period.

Free Bookmarks for schools and non profits. Educate girls about menstruation.

Contents of The Dot Girl First Period Kit - A first period kit for first menstruation.

Dot Girl Products

Prepare your daughter for her first period with the new brightly colored Dot Girl First Period Kit.

The website says: Lunette menstrual cup is safe alternative to pads and tampons. Denise adds: And it is way, way more comfortable. And cheaper. And better for the environment. What's not to like?

  • Peggy Okuneff
    Peggy Okuneff

    My only worry would be toxic shock

Pretty Blue Period Underwear

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Pretty Pink Period Underwear

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A bracelet to keep track of your period cycle.

Feby - Female Empowerment Bracelet

Free Tampax kit, limited supply-

Cycling: A Guide to Menstruation by Laura Szumowski

The cultural story of menstruation - I think this might be interesting to check out.

Wonderful first period stories from women around the world.

reusable wool backed menstrual pads


The natural way to go and saves on buying pads for years and years.