Downey Cooperative Preschool

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Irvington 46219  ·  Downey Cooperative Preschool promotes "learn through play" exploration that addresses all areas of academic, social, physical development.
Downey Cooperative Preschool
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4M Tin Can Robot

Tin Can Robot - - Turn a metal can into a walking, wobbling, bog-eyed robot that can move. It can be transformed to become a robotic monster too. Cans can be cool! Kit includes parts and

Saturday Science: Handmade Horn

Saturday Science: Handmade Horn

cloud dough recipe for sensory play

How to make cloud dough. sounds kinda like moon dough! I think my daughter would love this and you can't beat how easy it is.

cornstarch quick sand recipe for sensory play

Quicksand is nothing more than a soupy mixture of sand and water, where the sand is literally floating (suspended) in the water. Scientifically speaking, quicksand is a substance that behaves like .

instant snow sensory play

Make instant snow for a cool and refreshing kids craft.