Fighting warrior cats

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Manga style lineart. There's a little bit of shading but you could still colour it

There's a little bit of shading but you could still colour it

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Warrior cats queen

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Skyclan warrior cat

FROSTCLAW Names: Frostclaw Rank: SkyClan warrior, kittypet, suspected StarClan warrior Appearance: White she-cat Mother: Unknown Father: Unknown Litterm.

Warrior cat couple aww so in love

Lineart for anyone to use for their original Warriors characters, or any cat characters in general.

Sitting pretty sweet warrior she-cat

Mediumhaired Tortie Lineart by WildpathOfShadowClan

Warrior cats couple, guess this is how cats hug

Please continue spread the word around guys, help me submit the colored in versions to this group and get all those who enjoy my linearts in here!

Long haired warrior

CLOUDTAIL Names: Cloudkit, Cloudpaw, Cloudtail Rank: Kittypet, ThunderClan warrior Appearance: Long-haired white tom with blue eyes Mother: Princess, Br.

Yeah caught a bird!

Yeah caught a bird!