Driton Kelmendi

Driton Kelmendi

Germany. / Just a ordinary 18 year old guy which loves Pokemon.
Driton Kelmendi
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The Lord Himself

All hail the helix fossil.You have been corrupted by the false prophet, Flareon.

OH MY GOD THE FEELS. His mama died so a ditto turned into a charizard to take care of him until he could protect himself ;-;

Oh my goodness. I love this. the father is a DITTO! And is the best parent ever!>>>Is it sad that I almost cried at the end?

human version gijinka pokemon, eeveelutions, vaporeon, espeon, zapdos, umbreon, eevee, glaceon, leafeon, sylveon, flareon

animal ears barefoot black dress black hair blonde hair blue hair bow brown dress brown eyes brown hair dark skin dress eevee espeon flareon glaceon jolteon leafeon long hair long sleeves multiple girls one eye closed open mouth personification pink

saiodhvasdvbisdvb KAWAII

Funny pictures about Pokemon wearing evolution costumes. Oh, and cool pics about Pokemon wearing evolution costumes. Also, Pokemon wearing evolution costumes.