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God help me to only speak positive about every person who You have created... Help me to love them like you love them <3

Xbox360 Hacks Ps2

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traditional house warming gifts

Traditional housewarming gift: Bread so you'll never go hungry. Candles so you'll always have light through the darkest times. Honey so you'll always enjoy the sweetness of life. Olive Oil so you will be blessed with health and well-being. Salt so there will always be flavor and spice in your life. Wine so you will always have joy and never go thirsty.

traditional house warming gifts

baby boy blanket tutorial I want someone to have a baby boy just so I can make this adorable blanket over at This Mama Makes Stuff! Isn’t Carrie genius to use Men’s flannel shirts?! I also love how she gives this blanket a bit of luxury by adding the super soft minky!

Baby Blanket Tutorials | U Create

diy diaper genie refill omg!! I quit using my diaper genie with my first kid 5 years ago b/c it was so stupid expensive!! I mean, any parent knows how many diapers a baby goes through! might have to dig it out and try this.

diaper genie refills « magnificentbliss

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Collection of Words - Spirit Ink Temporary Tattoos

Ampersand (Resembling A Broken Infinity, The Ampersand Reminds Us That Nothing Truly Lasts Forever But There Is Always An And)

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Simple Do It Yourself Craft Ideas - 50 Pics