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Eloïse-Anne Fonty

Eloïse-Anne Fonty
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Cat would love this!

Beautiful and design cat tree made with liana wood / Arbre à chat design en liane de bois and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel

Cest le rôle essentiel du professeur déveiller la joie de travailler et de connaître ~ A. Einstein

I love this picture! It makes me smile just thinking about it. And a friend who is a grade teacher is going to use it for her students to help cheer them on to the last of the school year!

A soldier and his best friend…

Funny pictures about A soldier and his best friend. Oh, and cool pics about A soldier and his best friend. Also, A soldier and his best friend.

"Dear God: I am a good kitty. Eat all my food and do my business in the litter; it is too much to ask for more wet food in my plate? And a Cat tree? And also tell Santa Claus that I'm expecting him this year... Amen!"

but what is this adorable kitten praying for? Why does it pray? And will its sweet kitty prayer be answered? I'm guessing it's praying to be on your wallpaper. You'd better answer the kitten's prayer.or else!