TOYS: Rejected STAR WARS Merchandise Concept Designs

Back in 1998 - Rejected Star Wars Promotional Merchandise Concepts <----- why on earth would someone reject this idea! I WANT THIS!


Batman Costume and Cape Pint Glass will come swooping in your kitchen. From DC Comics and based on their beloved Dark Knight.

Spiderman Venom Hoodie

Superhero Costume Hoodies For Adults Includes Wolverine, Batgirl, TMNT and More!

48 Examples of R2D2 Merchandise

49 Examples of R2D2 Merchandise

Some people say geeks are not into sports, with the Star Wars football, any geek would find it hard to resist getting off the couch, going outside and playing some geek-tastic games of football. The mini-football is available at […]

Knifes with the blades of Swiss mountain ranges

From top to bottom: Berner Alps Panorama, Lake of Constance Panorama and soon to be available the Zurich Panorama.

Rejected Star Wars Merchandise Includes magnetic clip with sound

PHOTOS: Check Out Some Of The Cool Star Wars Toys You Can't Have

Wish you could impress your friends with a set of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader salt and pepper shakers?

Star Wars Chewbacca Peruvian Cap $29.99

Looking for a flatbill, beanie, New Era, baseball, or something else head-related? Then you should probably stop on by and check out our Superhero Hats & Caps!