All of us have studied what society "TELLS" us is History in school & some have majored in it...BUT do we REALLY know our true history? As Shakespeare said-"And therefore as a stranger give it welcome. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." What can you find about Earth's, (& BEYOND} HIDDEN History? Please pin ONLY what is RELEVANT TO THE BOARD!! {{ABSOLUTELY NO PORN, HATE OR SALES }} ONLY PINS RELEVANT to the Board!

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Don't be stupid, people...take a look at what's happening in our America...he's trying to take our guns...but he's arming the Muslim Brotherhood....

38 Muslim Men Gang Rape 15 Year Old Girl for Several Hours | When muslim men rape they are extremely brutal as you can see in this photo. It is a miracle she survived. Traumatized for life by subhuman savages. this is that peaceful religion josh earnest spoke of today, 1/12/'15, when speaking about paris murderers.

Muslim immigrants get community service for gang rape of twelve year old in Norway - topconservativene...

Muslims Force Christian Woman Who Left Islam To Watch Her Husband Get Executed, Kidnap Her Two Daughters And Then Kill Her Son

Graphic: Anatomy of a Stoning... And they wonder why we do not want them or their Sharia Law in any civilized nation...

  • Tracy Duncan
    Tracy Duncan

    Absolutely unreal.

HUNGER, 950 million people are starving on our planet !! `this photo was sold for 6 million $ One baby/child, who lost her mother (dead) on cause of famine (hunger) .. :(( the photographer killed himself later after 1 in 7 people of our planet are in such situation !! while we waste and throw 1,3 billion tons of food away ,, per year!

Iran: Woman stoned to death ...Sharia Law-It's not a matter of IF it's a matter of WHEN..Sharia Law is in Dearborn,Michigan,police side w/Muslims,Somali gangs are bleeding into Wisconsin,Islam textbooks are being used in some schools,Muslims have more Rights than Christians..THE CHOICES WE MAKE WILL AFFECT OUR CHILDREN'S LIVES...

  • Aimee LaFon Black
    Aimee LaFon Black

    It is not in Dearborn. lol I have lived and have many friends there. Fear mongering.

  • Lauren Baden
    Lauren Baden

    It isn't anywhere in our country. Religious laws have no place in a secular nation, no matter what religion they belong to.

  • EA

    Retarded racism. Quit pushing racist propaganda against brown people.

IRAN: This woman was raped and became pregnant. When she told the authorities she was asked to provide 4 witnesses. End result? They executed her while she was 2 months pregnant. This photo was taken before a crane was used to lift her neck up and suffocate her to death. This is Islam. This is Islamic Justice. This is the teaching of Allah and Mohammed. Absolutely barbaric & heartbreaking.

Wailing mother holds 3 month old daughter who was beaten to death by her own father for being born female.

  • EA

    Quit pushing racist propaganda against brown people.

"Don't kill me." "Don't kill me," cries 13 year old Somali girl before she is stoned to death for being a rape victim An innocent little girl, Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow, was forced into a hole, buried up to her neck then pelted with stones by more than 50 MUSLIM men until she died in front of 1,000 jeering spectators. 2010

  • EA

    Quit pushing retarded racist pins of propaganda against brown people (muslims).

"A little girl trying to defend her mother after she has been stoned to death . Sadly she is too late" I didn't want to re-post this. It hurts me to look at as a photo. I feel impotent. I want to help her. To save her. I can't. I want to hold her little girl and comfort her. I want to hurt the people that did this to her....I can't. It's a photo. I'm not there. But - it CAN tell a story. THIS is sharia. THIS is the face of islam. It's not the exception - it's the rule. It has NO place here.

THIS IS SOME SICK SHIT !!! MR. OBAMA !!! YOU NEED TO FUCK CLEAN OFF !!! Obama compares Islam today & Christianity because of Crusades ??? Filthy Muslim Pig !!! original.antiwar.... … @LodiSilverado #WakeUpAmerica

  • Whitney McCrum-Morrison
    Whitney McCrum-Morrison

    You're a fucking asshole. None of what you post is true. Go to hell.

  • EA

    Agreed^. Robin is a Racist.

This is sharia law. Why is our government sending billions of OUR money to the Muslim Brotherhood which follows Sharia law? When you vote Democratic, you vote for this.

Teachers' denied schoolboy, 10, water on the hottest day of year to avoid upsetting Muslim pupils during Ramadan'

Syrian Rebel, Christians, Muslim Brotherhood, Rebel Massacre, America, Entir Christian, Syrian Christian, Christian Village, Syria Christian Massacre 2

I had to re-pin this~~This woman was hanged to death because she 'bewitched' some guys into raping her. See, it's not what you wear, but it's still your fault.>>> SHARIA LAW at work!>>> And so many liberals keep defending it!>>>WHY???~~~Some casually throw around the "war on women" phrase---THIS is a war on women! ~~NO RIGHTS--NO VOICE--NOBODY to speak for them! I am sick & tired of the hypocrisy! I'll be DAMNED if I will EVER stand for Islamic Sharia Law in MY country!!!

  • EA

    Quit pushing retarded racist pins of propaganda against brown people (muslims).

Sharia law in Arizona: Muslim mom gets probation after brutally 'beating daughter and burning her with hot spoon' for talking to a boy at school, Devout Dad freed after stabbing her in the throat

Obama Quote

Before being stoned to death by a mob of muslim lunatics and according to Sharia law. Can you imagine if every country functioned like this? This is Islams goal. This is an Islamic country. Can you imagine the dark age the world will be in? With the internet we are at a point of exposing these people to a world that is vastly superior to this... This is our best and only chance of changing this.

Sharia Law DOES NOT belong in this country!!!!!!!!!

  • Deanna b
    Deanna b

    It does not belong on this earth, but we must stop it from existing here....

Sharia Law

....muslims ok?.....

Stop sharia law and the Muslim Brotherhood.

.Peaceful Islam.

Stop the Muslim Brotherhood. Stop Sharia law.