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All of us have studied what society "TELLS" us is History in school & some have majored in it...BUT do we REALLY know our true history? As Shakespeare said-"And therefore as a stranger give it welcome. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." What can you find about Earth's, (& BEYOND} HIDDEN History? Please pin ONLY what is RELEVANT TO THE BOARD!! {{ABSOLUTELY NO PORN, HATE OR SALES }} ONLY PINS RELEVANT to the Board!


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Date: February 1911. Location: Port Royal, South Carolina. Josie (6 years old), Bertha (6 years old), Sophie (10 years old), were all shuckers at the Maggioni Canning Co.

Bloody Hand Prints

Occasionally, a few days were designated to allow black people to attend the zoo with the restriction placed on whites. The things our history books don't tell us...

Emperor Claudius' third wife, Valeria Messalina, was a nymphomaniac. According to ancient historians, she once competed with a prostitute to see who could have the most sexual partners in a night.

  • Barrie Jones
    Barrie Jones

    Both Pliny and Juvenal tell of her all night competition; winner takes all, with Messalina claiming victory with 25 clients. However the sexual smear was a well known and well used technique at the time.

Union officer with "contraband", 1862...two months after this photo was taken President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

So True

A guide for skirt length.

  • Johanna -
    Johanna -

    You do know, that this picture is originally presented as a criticism on sexual harasment and slut-shaming? :)

The History of American Wars - Veterans Day #Veterans

Eva and Leana Munzer These two little Jewish girls have a very sad story. Their parents left them with a non-jewish family who took care of them. Then the husband and wife had a fight and the husband betrayed them to the SS, who captured the girls and sent them to Auschwitz, where they - like most small children - were gassed upon arrival. Their little brother, Alfred, however, survived.

  • Lisa Pearson
    Lisa Pearson

    There is a special place in hell for that man.

German High Seas Fleet | "Believe it or not this is a comic postcard published in 1915. The title is a sarcastic reference to the fact that the German High Seas Fleet would not come out and face the British Fleet."

WW2: A French woman who conceived a baby with a German soldier, punished by having to have her head shaved as a form of humiliation for her treasonous act. Her mother also was subjected to the same punishment - June 1944

Playtime in Wartime

Photographer Myrtie Mims, 1950s. She was a pioneer of sorts; being one of the few African American women in the field as a professional but also the owner of her own studio in Nacogdoches, Texas.

The gun that John Wilkes Booth used to kill Abraham Lincoln in 1865.

  • Aaron Burton
    Aaron Burton

    that doesn't look powerful at all lol.

Remembering Revolutionary Malcolm X 50 Years After His Assassination

Bound feet. The life-long process, begun in infancy, involved cutting the foot to bind the ball of the foot to the heel. Eventually the toes fell off. The final foot was meant to be no more than 3 inches in length. This, to copy the "beauty" of an Empress born with tiny club feet.

The tragic death of famous singer Marvin Gaye in 1984 was a shocking surprise, it was his Pentecostal preacher father who killed him. Marvin Jr. was at his parents’ Los Angeles home, got into a heated with his father. The fight turned physical and was broken up by Marvin Jr.’s mother, but when his father returned to the room he gunned down his son with the .38 pistol Marvin had given him.He was originally charged with murder, but was given a plea bargain for a six-year suspended sentence.

White Supremacist Learns He's 14% Black

Sarah “Sally” Hemings was a mixed race slave owned by Thomas Jefferson. Several of Jefferson’s household slaves were the grown children of his father-in-law John Wayles and the enslaved woman Betty Hemings, who were brought to the marriage by Jefferson’s wife. In turn, the widower Jefferson had a long relationship with Wayle’s and Betty’s daughter Sally Hemings. She was much younger than Jefferson, an enslaved woman who was mostly of white ancestry and half-sister to his late wife.

  • Shakeitha RTG
    Shakeitha RTG

    She looks exactly like the actress Thandie Newton

There were Human Zoos on display in Europe and America from the 1870s to the 1950s. These public exhibits of humans, often called Negro Villages, usually showed indigenous people in a so-called natural or primitive state. The displays often emphasized the cultural differences between Europeans of Western civilization and non-European peoples. Above is a photo from Amsterdam Holland around 1890, of an African child in one of these Human Zoo exhibits, being fed like an animal...

  • Carmen Ortiz
    Carmen Ortiz

    This I did not know !!!

Rare Photograph Of Slave. 150-year-old photo found in a North Carolina attic shows a young black child named John, perched on a barrel next to an unidentified boy. Photo was found at a moving sale in Charlotte, accompanied by a document detailing the sale of John for one thousand five hundred dollars.

David John Birnie who together with his wife catherine murdered 4 young women in his home in Western australia. He kept them hostage for days raping them and then murdering them and dumping their bodies.

U.K. Industrial Revolution, XIX Century. Child chimney sweeps often had to crawl through holes only 18in wide - and cruel masters would light fires to make them climb faster. Many fell to their deaths

  • Tareyece Scoggin-Aranda
    Tareyece Scoggin-Aranda

    This picture is actually a modern child in dress and black and white

Mademoiselle Blanche Monnier held captive in a room for 25 years by her mother. This is the photo of her the day she was found.

  • Reptilian Agenda
    Reptilian Agenda

    My Goodness . What kind of a mother was she to let her daughter rot in a room for 25 years !!

At two years old, this is the earliest known photo of Elvis. (The Elvis Encyclopedia)