Speed... O_o ....how is that even possible???????? Wooooah.... Um... Can we please do this!!!!

And this is why kpop dances are awesome.~~~~OMG I finally found the group that does this. They are called SPEED.

Cutie. They could be twins. So adorable, even if I'm not an Exotic, this is the cutest thing ever.

There is literally no difference XD haha kyungsoo and the penguin look soo cute!

Aw. Kyungsoo and giants Minho and Kris.

Squishy Kyungsoo and giants Minho and Kris. *don't worry, your height is enough for me* Don't worry Kyungsoo, I feel the same way too, cuz I'm short.

Baby exo.. Sooo cutee! =^.^=

Baby Kris, Luhan, & Xiumin I think the baby Luhan is actually that little boy. I forgot hid name but that's not Luhan.

Like a puppy X3

Shin eomma (lol) and Chanyeoli, cutest roommates on Roommate. Love their relationship

Ha! Baekhyun & V #exo #bts

Baekhyun & V I'm seriously having a hard time whether to put this on EXO board or BTS board.

Yeah......then i start making faces and that triggers them smiling at me and playing games.

Yeah// Once i was in the store and I saw a little kid staring at me so i smiled and waved at them. Then we walked past each other again and they waved at me.

yes yes!!! THIS IS KPOP

Listening to music in other languages

Me when I first started listening to rap.and then again when I started listening to Post Hardcore music.


Wondering if my future husband will mind naming our kids after exo?