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All the faces xD <-----I don't know what's funnier - big bird or ken doll?<---I think my fave is Creepy Uncle lol

Don't ship them but haha that'd b hilarious

I can't decide what my favorite part of this is. God being Dean's father-in-law? Satan his brother-in-law? The fact that that this conversation is about Dean and Cas getting married!

Tumblr - Salve. That is hello in Latin it is pronounced Sawl-Way.

Only Supernatural Fandom.~ actually Im taking latin specifically because of supernatural btw salve is how you say hello but the v is pronounced like a w

Supernatural << only pinning this to let you all know that this already exists as a song. Not sure if the song was based on the post or other way around but I thought I'd let you guys know if you wanted to hear it. It's called " what does Cas say"

Found this on iFunny. The feels

g <---- Its the Fandom curse, I know the plots of several T. shows and movie I have never seen. << I can literally do this with things I have never seen/finished<<< guys its called the second hand fandom disease.