after project is complete reflection Handouts @ artful artsy amy

Handouts - 8th VA Comp at Cooper Middle School

Art Rubric Poster

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20 Quick Formative Assessments You Can Use TODAY | The Art of Ed

Formative assessments to provide ongoing feedback on student learning.

RTI (Response to Intervention) | In-Sight

SchoolArts article on developing rubrics.

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group project Peer Assessment Template | Peer Assessment Form Student being assessed Student making the ...

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group project Peer Assessment Template | PEER ASSESSMENT RUBRIC(1)


How Do You Grade Art? - Chris Staley, Penn State Laureate 2012-2013 - YouTube

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Tamara Thomas Art Teaching Portfolio: High School- Rubric

Tamara Thomas Art Teaching Portfolio: High School- Rubric

Angela's Art Rubric - review and adapt

Angela's Art Rubrics

Writing Multiple-Choice Questions for Higher-level Thinking by Mike Dickinson : Learning Solutions Magazine

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Free Work Habits/Effort Chart

Classroom Freebies Too: Work Habits/Effort Chart

Printmaking rubric

THE OTHER ART ONE: Block Printing Grade Sheet

Professional inquiry - review and adapt

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Power Standards | The Art of Ed

Thoughts on How to Assess an Arts Integration Lesson

Education Closet – How to Assess an Arts Integration Lesson

Interesting assessment criteria - modify and apply

A Level Art Coursework: help for A2 Art students

Visual Rubric for Composition - review and adapt for secondary school

Artful Artsy Amy: classroom displays

Authentic Integration Assessment Rubric

Education Closet – STEAM Point Giveaway

Meaningful Assessment chart (free download) plus tips on how to make assessments meaningful from Edutopia.

How Can We Make Assessments Meaningful?

Folding Paper Sculpture Rubric

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Plaster Sculpture Project Rubric - model this!!!

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Reliquary Presentation

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Reliquary Essay Evaluation Exam

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