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Introducing Vitalised Vintage

A collection of photographic inspiration for - - - Twitter: @EllieShepherdVV
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Love the hair!

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by i.Anton... lovely lace

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Madonna's corset by Jean Paul Gaultier

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Alain Delon, 1962.

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Backstage at the Latin Quarter by Gordon Parks, Life Magazine (1958)

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Coco Chanel

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The bathing suits now have changed the way we define "sexy". The past bathing suits were well-covered and fitting. However, they are now fitting and shows more skin than ever before. Many still classify the full covered one peice bathing suit as 'sexy'

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Brigitte Bardot has called one of President Nicolas Sarkozy's oldest friends a "big, fat wide-boy liar" after he claimed to have slept with the film star at the height of her fame. Description from I searched for this on

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Jean Shrimpton

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