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Before i rant:) this goes out to my boy J.T.!!! That said, yes i believe that Techno is & will cause a decline in intelligence, capacity for comprehending & creating art, and add to the selfish, & super late childlike behavior of our youth. That said, I do believe & it seems to be true, that this generation is twice as intelligent, fast learning & a thousand times less lathargic than the children of the 'Baby Boomers

notice that the sign says "nice People" and "good country music".today it should read "a bunch of rednecks getting down to commericalized pop that record producers and executives pass off as country music! Damn I miss real Country Music!

facebook لأى اسئلة زورو موقعنا فريق الشياطين على الفيس بوك https://www.facebook.com/DJ.2l4yatin?ref=ts&fref=ts او على الجميل dj.2l4yatin@gmail.com للرسائل او التواصل معنا على التوتير https://twitter.com/dj_2l4yatin او التواصل معنا على الجوجل بلس Google+لتحميل الاغانى الحصرية و الشعب

Music is a major part of my life. Currently i am designing a totally unique and new era of dance music experience

This is a DJ set up of Pioneer CDJs. This corresponds with my purpose, because I'm in the music industry for the whole thrill of sharing my craft with others. I love to DJ, and it is a major hobby of mine.