Emma Collier

Emma Collier

Sector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha / Welcome! I am very into things that are both weird and beautiful, so pardon the strange or random pins!
Emma Collier
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artist Johannah Adams created some absolutely unbelievable lip art, which gives the illusion of crystallized lipstick. The effect is extremely beautiful — but also highly impractical, TBH.

prosthetic gelatin makeup by Rhonda Causton (Reel twisted FX) SFX prosthetics and accessories

prosthetic gelatin makeup by Rhonda Causton (Reel twisted FX) SFX prosthetics…

|Body Scans: The Sequel| Photo by me Makeup @killahcamz Model @echonittolitto Hair @mirnajose by marcelocantuphoto You can follow me at @JayneKitsch

Body Scans: The Sequel Makeup Model Echo Nittolitto Hair mirna jose by marcelocantuphoto

When life hands you Lumi, you better bathe in that majesticness ✨ Sugarpill Cosmetics I feel like.

Jackie Chan - The World's Cheeriest Badass

Jackie Chan - The World's Cheeriest Badass. I love Jackie Chan

Neko atsume

Neko atsume just recently got this like a month ago and am saving money for yard expansion. WTH is that a fat cat

I haven't watched SpongeBob since I was, like, 5 and I can seriously hear his voice.

“I never knew a woman could be fierce and beautiful and smart before I met you. Every time I see you I think of a hawk, beautiful and deadly.” ― Patrick W. Carr, A Cast of Stones

blvck-voodooism: “ lamorbidezza: “ Make-up at John Galliano Fall 2009 ” ” Galliano is a god Más