sap by AkiAkaneBim

she's a lazy lil piece of shit. but she's nice with ppl XDD Also she's very weak and gets tired very fast. and Her hero costume is a white large body suit Xdd Her power in "probabi.

luxjii: “ deli & grocery ”

luxjii: “ deli & grocery ” I find the colors and technique so refreshing and precious. The overall outlook of the piece is so simple yet pleasing to the eye

Attention, quand on découvre le travail de l'artiste anglaise Felicity Marshall, l'envie de booker un billet d'avion pour la Californie est irrépressible.

C'est déjà les vacances avec Felicity Marshall

estampa de rock tumblr

A mash up of some illustrations i& been making. Exploring the woodcut style.New stuff, probably actual woodcut works, soon.

Forever and a day. By @greyxdays #heresmyheart

Might do this as an under boob tattoo when I get married as a symbol my love will carry out through death.

its raining so much and im so happy i hope everyone gets to have the weather of their choice this weekend someone’s favorite weather can really change their mood mother nature is so important wow