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why your wedding ring goes on the 4th finger. Try it :)

Big anniversary milestones!

Praying for your husband

Communicate Respect.....this is a beautiful list


You're not just venting. Sometimes the only way people know your husband is through you. Build him up. Always.

This would be a great love note to give your sweetie...just because! :)

99 things you might be thankful for about your husband. Pick out one every day and email or text it to hubby and make his day!

Every man should do this once. So sweet!


Power of prayer!

Date of the Day!! Make a movie :)

fun, quick, cheap date nights

Check out!! Pick a price range and get a random fun date night idea! My husband and I will also be sharing our date night adventures and photos with you and you can share your date night stories and photos with us!!

This is so true... LOVE HIMYM!

For your marriage ! 6 great questions to ask each other periodically ...


True story bro.

i love my husband

penny jar ;)

10 Day Challenge

that's the best part ;)