I've been looking for a decent picture of a deer in the hopes that one day, I can tattoo one on my body. To this day, I havent found a picture to do justice to these beautiful sacred creatures.

Best friends for 2 1/2 year

This is how I'm praying my dogs will handle the baby! Best friends for 2 years. -- this makes my heart melt. so sweet

Kindness is a must-have character for every human being. Don't you know that even animals know how to love and care for their fellow animals? Every man needs to have kindness! Every woman needs to have kindness! Every child needs to have kindness!

beautiful-wildlife: Mother and Son by Johannes Wapelhorst Snow leopard is one of only two big cats that can't roar.

'Pallas' cats --- The only cat with round pupils. Other felines have vertical slits that enlarge and become round when dilated. Pallas cats pupils are round and remain so, dilated or not.

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