Love of My Life

There are lovely parts of him in these men and lucky me has them all wrapped up into the perfect package for me!!! and I feel, hear and see him clearly!!
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A kiss in the sun at the beach with a bike and balloons. I love the splash of color that the balloons add to the golden tones and silhouette in the rest of the image! Could be the perfect date 😀

16 Reasons To Have Daily Sex

Erotic kissing tips improving sex, increasing frequency and orgasm intensity. Enhanced, more passionate foreplay through sensual, erotic kissing techniques.


I love feeling the way you respond when we kiss.the way your heart pounds.the way U pull me closer & kiss me deeper.


I love to explore the beauty our world provides, mingled with dance, art, love and music. Besides a few photos of my own, the marority are from photographers who give us the pleasure to view their magic capture through the lense .

Geocaching in the woods with kids

Geocaching with kids

Geocaching is a wonderful way to spend time outdoors as a family! Here are some great tips for geocaching with kids.

Have faith and believe in yourself.

before the panic attacks all my faith was in God. Now and since the panic attacks my biggest faith is in life and in myself. I trust life and myself one hundred percent and whatever happens to me well thats life.

red rose

A Beautiful Fresh red day when we get some money I'll buy one different colored rose maybe every week!

Superb photo.....

13 Animals With Fabulous Hair