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How to cook and bake with dextrose (glucose) - everything you ever needed to know in one post! (from my site www.exsugarholic.com)

What is dextrose? Is it the same as glucose? How is it different from regular sugar? How do I substitute dextrose for sugar in a recipe? Is glucose syrup the same as .

Homemade peanut butter cups - nuff said! (from my site www.exsugarholic.com)

I just stumbled on a recipe from Sarah Wilson's book I Quit Sugar on chocolate butter cups (great book by the way, for anyone else on a sugar-free journey :)).

Smooth and creamy - this mint chocolate chip ice cream is the bomb! (from my site www.exsugarholic.com)

It is time for an ‘ice cream’ recipe. I’m a massive fan of chocolate and mint, so what could be better than mint chocolate chip ice cream! This one is smooth, minty and creamy &

Delicious salty, savory and sweet cruncy nuts. Great for snacking on at work or home. Keeps you from grabbing that bag of chips instead! (from my site www.exsugarholic.com)

Snack nuts – salted, spicy and sweet

Day 3 of the 1 week sugar-free challenge. Dealing with cravings and how eating protein and healthy fats will help. (from my site www.exsugarholic.com)

How to Increase Leptin Levels and Reverse Leptin Resistance-Learn how to increase leptin levels with leptin diet and lose weight. Discover the role leptin plays in regulating hunger to combat leptin resistance.

Day 2 of the 1 week sugar-free challenge. Using a food journal. (from my site www.exsugarholic.com)

Living a healthy life free of sugar, dairy and gluten.