Freedom's Frontier NHA

Freedom's Frontier NHA

Eastern Kansas Western Missouri, USA / Tying together the shared heritage and enduring struggle for freedom of 41 counties in Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri.
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The measure of your life will not be in what you accumulate. But in what you give away #GivingTuesday Giving Inspiration

There once was a Sheriff named Jones, Who barged into our office alone, He pulled out his shackles And raised all our hackles Then threw us in jails made of stone! #GivingTuesday

The Board of Trustees, staff and partners of Freedom’s Frontier have been working hard to make 2016 a special year for the heritage area. We are embarking on several special programs to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We invite you to join in our celebration!

There is a reason that we call the things we do for fun recreation. Play is essential to human well-being. It helps us reconnect with our creative side, relieves stress, improves our mood, and keeps us centered, while we recreate the feelings that we experienced in childhood play.

Why not get a little wild and leave the fast-paced American scene for a while? You might just learn something about the Wild-Experience that Teddy Roosevelt had in mind when he made the National Parks in the first place!

Air quality includes a huge range of factors from temperature, moisture, barometric pressure, and of course the stuff nature did not put there itself.

The National Park Service has compiled some Wildlife Safety Videos to illustrate the power of large animals, and reinforce that you should never approach wildlife, no matter how calm or tame animals appear.

Head to an American Battlefield like the Black Jack Battlefield just outside Baldwin City, KS.