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Just in case this tragedy befalls to fix a cracked glad I found this! .... Okay, so this already happened to ME once and I spent too much on a "no warranty" replacement. BUT if it happens again, this blog is my first option. ;)

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This makes way more sense than dragging an ironing board out: Quilted ironing board with magnets for the top of the dryer! -- no more wrestling with the ironing board!

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To make your baseboard more dramatic, add small pieces of trim to the top of existing baseboard, add a few inches and add another piece of molding. Paint the wall and trim white.

Put a wine or margarita glass in the middle of a large bowl for instant chip and dip set! Genius!

S'mores Roasting Rack. I have never seen one of these. But what a brilliant idea!

The "Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera" creates spherical panoramas after being thrown into the air. The camera "captures an image at the highest point of flight—when it is hardly moving." It "takes full spherical panoramas, requires no preparation and images are taken instantaneously. It can capture scenes with many moving objects without producing ghosting artifacts and creates unique images."

Receiving Blanket Milkshake - Unique Baby Shower Gifts and Favors

DIY Tufted Ikat Ottoman from Upcycled Pallet with Tutorial

Very very detailed explanation of how to make a tufted ottoman from a pallet.